Books I read in August

Although the weather was hot in August I was reading a head to some of the titles coming out this Autumn.



Highly anticipated Swing Time by Zadie Smith lives up to all expectations. It tells the story of two girls growing up in north-west London with a passion for dancing. The story follows them as they take two very different paths. It is a story of passion, roots and friendship. A book difficult to put down once you’ve read the first page.

Onto a backlist title and Engleby had been on my shelf for a while so I decided to pick it up. If you like books with a thrilling twist then this one is for you. The book is narrated by Engleby and centres around a fellow student at Cambridge University who goes missing – it isn’t until years later you discover the solution to the mystery. Sebastian Faulks weaves dark humour throughout which makes it a both gripping and an entertaining read.

If you are looking for a cosy read to take you into Autumn and beyond I’d recommend the next two books.

Woolf Hallow by Lauren Wolk is a children’s book but the dark themes makes it very accessible for teenagers and adults. Set in a rural American town after the second world war, the story focuses on a group of children discovering what is right and wrong. The book has a feel of an old american folk story. If you love Harper Lee and are looking for something similar in style then definitely check this one out.

Next up is a book I especially loved,  The Comet Seekers by Helen Sedwick is a time travelling story exploring  love, loss and chasing stars. I don’t want to say too much about this book as the joy is discovering the story as it unfolds. I would highly recommend a read especially as the dark nights start drawing in. The book cover is beautiful as well so is a good one to buy and keep.

That’s it for August. Have you read any of the books or did you read something else you’d like to tell me about? Make sure to give me a follow @sar_mckenna.

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