Visiting Hogwarts at Christmas

If you haven’t already been to Warner Brother’s Harry Potter studio tour then I highly recommend you visit. For fans it is like stepping into the world of Harry Potter and for non-fans, the tour is a fascinating insight into film making.

I visited November 2015 when the studio decked the halls with all the Christmas themed which I personally loved as the Christmas scenes in each movie are some of my favourites. Here are 5 of my favourite Christmas themed pictures from the tour…

The entrance hall with Hogwarts crest and festive wreath making for a grand start to the tour.


I always loved seeing scenes when the Great Hall was decorated for festive times (it was quite devastating seeing it destroyed in the later films). Here we have a huge Christmas pudding ready to be tucked into alongside some of the Gryffindor costumes.


A Hogwarts Christmas tree with flying witch on broomstick near the top. It was difficult to capture her mid flight but a lot of what I had thought was CGI in the film was actually mechanically built. Things like this flying witch, the self cleaning Weasley house and the huge bank door unlocking.


The Gryffindor common room with Harry, Hermione and Ron’s ‘loungewear’ shall we call it? A very warm and inviting room just as I had hoped it would be.


And finally Hogwarts itself, snow dusted in all its glory.


Now all we need is a live sized version that we can all go and live in…is that really too much to ask for?

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