Books I read in September

September is the start of my favourite time of year…AUTUMN! Not only do I love the weather and all the celebrations autumn embodies but it means publishers are bringing out all of their big hitters in the run up to Christmas. So grab a hot chocolate and a cosy blanket and read about books I enjoyed this month.


First up was Hag-Seed by the wonderful Margaret Atwood. This book is part of Vintage’s Hogarth Shakespeare series and this book is the re-telling of The Tempest. Felix is the Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg Theatre Festival, but not for long. The ultimate betrayal he finds himself looking for work, haunted by memories of his lost family and ready for revenge. Like all Atwood books you can’t help but find joy in the passion and fun she has for storytelling and this story doesn’t disappoint.

Next up was a very early proof (so early it is spiral-bound) of Ali Smith’s Autumn which is the first in a quartet of seasonal books from the author. The themes tackles themes of belonging, time and love. All though the story shifts in timelines – the stories most memorable moments cover the emotive events of 2016 so the book packs a punch and is a great read for those who love unique and unforgettable storytelling.

Winner of the Guardian First Book Award, Donal Ryan is back with All We Shall Know, a story about Melody who is pregnant after an affair with a 17 year old Traveller and the stormy consequences that follow. Each chapter follows a week of her pregnancy and for such a short book (at 186 pages) a lot happens! A fast paced emotional read.

Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah is the second book in her Poirot re-tellings. I loved the first book, Monogram Murders and felt like Hannah had embodied Christie’s beloved Belgian detective and provided a great murder mystery to boot. This story revolves around a family party, a changed will and a baffling death. Nothing will make sense until Poirot reveals all. A fun read for fans of cosy mysteries.

My final read was Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf with this beautiful new edition from Vintage Classics. It was a great book to fit into my handbag while I read my hardback edition of Closed Casket at home. The book centres around Mrs Dalloway who is throwing one of her infamous parties in her London home, alongside this is the sub-plot of a young man who is tackling the aftermath of fighting in World War One. It is a novel of the light and dark side of society all told in Woolf’s beautiful prose.


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