Rediscovering Benefit

Benefit makeup was something I LOVED in my late teens and early twenties. Just about discovering makeup (I was late to the game) I remember the soft colours and fun packaging being of appeal to me, my pale skin and nervousness of looking too caked in stuff. My favourites were the Dandelion blusher and the High Beam highlighter. Soft flushes of colour and the smell of the blusher still takes me back!

As I gained more confidence with makeup (and had more cash to spare in my first job) I moved onto treating myself to Bobbi Brown and forgot, and got slightly bored of my old favourites.

This month I decided to to revisit the first brand that made me fall in love with makeup and treated myself to two gift sets that are new this season.

I am a sucker for blusher and anything cheek related. So this fun Benefit Blushin’ Babe Gift Set with a bit of everything was too tempting and I blooming love it.

What you get:
– Dandelion Pink Perk-Me-Up Face Powder
– Hoola Bronzer Powder
– Sugarbomb Sugar Rush Flush Face Powder
– Rockateur Face Powder
– CORALista Coral Blush
– Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter
– They’re Real! Beyond Mascara in Beyond Black – fun-size
– Mini They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

Price: £29.50 

I think this gift set is great value for money and getting a bit of everything means you have a great range of colours to play around with. Each colour is incredibly flattering and I find that the blushes last really well throughout the day. I also love that the set includes an eye liner, mascara and a highlighter to finish the look too.

As a lover of highlighter I also purchased the Benefit 1st Prize Highlighter Kit.

What you get:
-High beam satiny pink highlighter for face mini
-Sun beam golden highlighter mini
-Dandelion shy beam matte highlighter mini.

Price: £14.00

The sizes of the bottles are quite small and I don’t think they’ll last any length of time but they are useful for using out and about. I also really enjoyed trying the Dandelion shy beam and Sun Beam.

The Dandelion shy beam is a beautiful soft pink which I add over my cheeks adding Dandelion blusher on top which gives an illuminating, fresh look.

Sun Beam is lovely to add to the bottom half of my cheeks to add a bit of contouring and to the apple of my cheeks I apply the Coral or Sugarbomb blush for a warm, golden look.


I’m a Benefit gal again! I love the long lasting effect of the makeup and the colours make my skin look fresh and glowing.

Five stars Benefit!

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