8 ways to embrace Hygge

There have been a flurry of Hygge books hitting the shops this year and is already becoming the next big thing in living well. The concept of Hygge is one I am immediately drawn to over other lifestyle trends with the emphasis on cosy living, quality time with loved ones and simple changes to make the ordinary that extra bit special. Here are my eight easy steps to getting Hygge with it….yes I did go there!

Winter furnishing 


I’ve treated myself to some wintery soft furnishings, putting my summery cushions and throws in the loft ready for spring. It’s amazing how a few bits and bobs can transform a room. I bought a cosy red checked cushion from Next, and the Stag cushion and beautiful faux-fur throw from M&S. My living room now feels like a luxurious winter cabin without it being too Christmassy.

Softer lighting


I love candles and in the aim of feeling that extra bit Hygge, I’ve started lighting them when I get in from work as well as when we are spending weekends at home. I’ve found that lighting candles on weekday evenings adds a bit of sparkle to proceedings and helps me unwind after my busy days and long commutes. These candles and star fairy-lights are from The White Company.

Creating your own pamper sessions


Instead of spending Sunday evenings stressing about the week ahead, I dedicate my time instead to a full pamper session. My routine usually involves a warm shower with hair washed and body coated in delicious Seychelles body lotion from The White Company. Fully cleansing my face with Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleaning Balm which is incredibly indulgent for the skin, making it feel fully cleaned and moisturized. I then wrap myself up in my cosy pjs and apply a fresh coat of nail varnish. Two of my favourites this Autumn are O.P.I’s colours in Pale To The Chief a classic warm nude and Kerry Blossom a deep plum.

Creating your own personal coffee shop


Going out for your favourite Christmasy drinks can add up so I’ve stocked my cupboards with a variety of wintery drinks to enjoy at home. It’s nice to have a cupboard dedicated to a variety of spiced coffees, white hot chocolates and plenty of treats to go with them. It feels like my own personal coffee shop which is perfect for accompanying lazy afternoons reading my books or enjoying when friends visit.

Comfy loungewear


I have a huge collection of pyjamas and cosy bits and pieces to wear. I threw out anything that had lost their shape, softness and had gone bobbly and treated myself to a shopping trip. Next are my absolute favourites for pjs as they are super soft and have lovely designs. I picked up a pair of sparkly starred pjs and for keeping the feet warm, these cosy socks from M&S are 99% cloud. They go on as soon as I get home and I am very reluctant to take them off.

Calming activities


As I’m two months away from having my first baby, this autumn is all about creating time to relax. I find colouring books an ideal way to let my mind de-clutter from busy days and help to unwind. I often find colouring works more than reading or watching movies as it doesn’t need so much concentration. I particularly love Johanna Basford’s books and this festive Christmas colouring adventure is so much fun and is perfect for feeling creative without too much effort.

Embracing the outdoors


There is nothing better than a stroll outdoors in autumn, the cool air is perfect (especially for heavily pregnant ones like me) and being outdoors allows you to see all the beautiful colours of the season. This picture was from a walk we took in the Lake District. Utterly beautiful, calming and revitalising.

Making more time for friends


Lot’s of my tips so far have been about spending quality time alone but there is nothing better than being with friends. Life can become so busy that months will go by without seeing your best friends and when nights are getting dark it can be difficult to find the motivation to stay out longer than you have to. But there is always a winter market or a late night coffee shop to wander into and making the effort will make you warm and fuzzy! And if you really don’t want to stay out in the cold tehn making your abode that extra bit ‘Hygge’ will mean you’ll never see the end of visitors.

I would love to hear how you are embracing Hygge so let me know in the comments below and if you’d like to know more about this Danish way of life then click on the below for some recommended further reading.

3 thoughts on “8 ways to embrace Hygge

  1. Hygge is just the most wonderful concept, especially at this time of year when it’s so cold! I love all of your ideas, particularly the winter furnishings one ☺️ and candles are a must! You have such a lovely blog and I’m really glad I stumbled across it. I’ve also written about the little ways I like to embrace hygge on my blog at http://www.millieonhearts.com/a-hygge-way-of-life/ if you wanted to have a look ☺️ x

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