Pregnancy: What it’s really like being in your second trimester

second trimester
Beginning to feel on top of the world….
Everyone told me that by week 12 I’d start feel so much better. Naturally I didn’t believe a word they said but miraculously it was true! There is light at the end of that 12 week tunnel and it feels glorious.

New symptoms…
I read ahead of all the symptoms you could get during the second trimester and mentally prepared for all of them but in reality I didn’t even get close to half of the ones outlined to terrify you. I did experience a bit of stretching pains around my tummy but other than that and a few over emotional days, I couldn’t complain. What you come to realise is that every pregnancy and person is different so although it’s great to read up and be prepared don’t let it scare you. It most likely won’t happen.

Meeting your midwife team…
Around 12 weeks and after my first scan I was officially booked in with the midwife team. The appointment lasts around and hour where they ask you a lot of questions about your health and family history. You also receive a pack of notes which you take to each appointment so everything is tracked. The midwife will give you a ton of information but you also have the opportunity to ask questions too. I forgot pretty much everything the midwife told me afterwards but there are plenty more appointments along the way where I was able to ask questions. So far, every midwife has been absolutely lovely and incredibly helpful. Big loves to the NHS!

Telling work…
I was dreading telling work, not because work are awful, more because I had built it up in my head to be a big deal and had prepared all the things I would do to make my leaving a smooth transition. I shouldn’t have been so worried. My whole team were incredibly supportive and what’s more – excited and delighted for me. I realise that won’t be the case for all women out there but hopefully you’ll have bosses and companies that act like humans!

Having a bump makes you so happy….
The bump started making a more prominent appearance which is very exciting because suddenly it all starts feeling a lot more real. Having a bump make me look less like I had eaten too many cakes and more like I was an expecting mum. It started getting a bit easier to get seats on transport and I enjoyed looking pregnant without it being too heavy. For me, getting a bump was a real boost to my

Baby movements…
When you imagine a baby kicking you from inside (all minds go to THAT scene in Alien). You’d think it would be the most odd thing but in reality it feels incredibly natural. Starting to feel little kicks is just glorious and you can’t help but think about what baby is getting up to inside. If it is a little unnerving just remember it is just a baby doing baby things….not an alien. Just don’t watch any horror/sci-fi for the next 6 months.

Seeing your baby at the anomaly scan (20 weeks)…
This was probably one of the most exciting experiences so far in my pregnancy. The baby is so much more developed and the sonographer can check and test so much from the blood pumping around the heart, to the urine in the kidneys. But what is the most wonderful thing is seeing that little face pretty much fully formed. We chose to find out the sex of our baby and I’m so glad that we did. For me the surprise was enjoyed early on in the pregnancy and gave me someone real to focus on. And although I’m not going to go out and buy every pink thing out there, I did find it easier shopping knowing we were expecting a gorgeous baby girl.

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