How to find time to read with a newborn

The first three months of life with my baby girl has been wonderful, magical as well as crazy. Time for myself is a very rare thing managing to make a cup of tea in the first few weeks seemed a huge achievement at the time, never mind managing to find time to eat, rest or even shower.

reading with a newborn

I started to get quite worried about how I’d ever find the time to read a book again. Books are a huge part of my life so I was determined to find ways to work reading into my life with baby. Here are a few tips and tricks that have worked for me.

Choose your books carefully
Before baby I would easily finish one or two books a week but between extreme tiredness and being constantly distracted by that lovely bundle of baby I have in my arms it is difficult to give reading my full attention. I found my attention span dropped so big, complex plots were just too much to follow. Instead I turned to reading quick reads, short stories and re-reading old favourites which allowed my brain to keep up. It definitely got my reading slump kick started.

Get a kindle
Most of my daily tasks are with one hand, holding baby with the other. So although I’m a diehard physical book reader a Kindle seemed easier to handle. It is perfect for flipping through pages, and the dimmed light is great for keeping you entertained during late night feeds without waking everyone up.

Listen to audiobooks
Another great way to get your book fix when both hands are full are audiobooks. If you haven’t already tried an audiobook then now is the perfect opportunity to give them a go. Me and baby love our daily walks out in the pram so I have my phone at the ready once she has nodded off. There are tons of great extracts you can try for free here.

Looking after a baby has brought fresh meaning to multitasking. Even when baby is finally asleep those precious moments will mean you are probably thinking about paying attention to more urgent needs than reading. I’ve found taking a bath or going out for a coffee the perfect times to whip out my book. It means I’m doing something I need to do like washing and getting that much needed caffeine hit whilst enjoying a few extra chapters of book.

Read with your little one
Once baby was one month old, she started to spend longer awake but was too little to enjoy toys and I panicked on how I would keep her entertained. I read that babies love the sound of your voice so I started to read aloud. It was great because baby seemed mesmerised by me talking and I could read away to my hearts content.

I hope these tips have been helpful. I am always on the look out of new ways to maximise my reading time so I’d love to read your ideas so please do share any tips in the comments below.

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