8 YouTube videos ideal for new mums

I find myself spending a lot of time YouTube during feeding my baby. From basic baby knowledge I completely forgot in those first few tired-induced weeks to trying to fit some exercise into my day, I discovered great videos that have helped me survive the first few months. Here I share my top finds to add to your playlist.

I used YouTube as a way to find tips for surviving the first couple of weeks of life with my baby. Anything from ensuring I had the right safety advice on sleeping to how to bath a newborn. I found these videos from Mothercare fab. They cover a range of topics and are a great resource of information, tips and tricks.

And on the topic of crying babies this 90min of womb noise instantly calmed our baby during various meltdowns.

After a few weeks baby starts to become more awake and alert. I found a channel full of baby sensory videos which captivate their attention. This is a lovely one with classical music too.

Leaving the house can feel like leaving for a mission to Mars. If you can be bothered to put on makeup then this tutorial from the wonderful make-up wizard Lisa Eldridge promises to have you ready to go in 5 minutes.

I found this 20minute yoga workout a great way to fit some exercise into my day. After the various aches from carrying child and pram around this session really helps me stretch out, keep my muscles strong and find some inner calm.

And if baby won’t give you 20mins to yourself then this Mum and Baby Yoga video is perfect for the two of you.

Finally, when you’re finding everything a bit too much, remember you are far from alone. As much as we love our babies, we all have those tough days, even this mum…

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