ToteSavvy review

IMG_0685I decided against buying a specially designed baby changing bag finding them pretty expensive and uninspiring. I realised that what I needed was a bag roomy enough for all the baby bits’n’bobs and light enough to carry. I chose a large Longchamp le Pliage tote bag, utterly gorgeous, super light and plenty of space.

In the first few weeks of use, I was routing around for everything Mary Poppins-esq so decided to search for a bag insert and voila, I came across the Totesavvy. Perfect for totes, perfect for mums.

The ToteSavvy can fit a range of bags. They come in two sizes but the large size (14″ L x 10″H) is perfect for the large Longchamp le Pliage.


ToteSavvy opens out like a book making it easy to pack before folding it and sliding into your bag. Here you can see the middle with plenty of pockets and a changing mat tucked into the fold. The insert also includes an insulated pocket for bottles and a clip to attach keys.


On one side there is a large flat pocket on one side perfect for documents or books.


And the other side has two extra pockets and a large flap pocket perfect for spare clothes.


So what can you fit into the insert? Well quite a lot! Here is a selection of things that I find useful to take with me and my 4 month old baby. I managed to fill all of this into the pockets and still had room for more. I can certainly see that I’ll have plenty of space for the ever changing needs of what I need to take out with me.



And here it is in my bag. I was really surprised how easy the packed insert was to side into the bag and how much space was still left on either side meaning I could add more stuff if I needed to.



I am incredibly impressed with my Totesavvy. It is a quality product, well thought out and makes my handbag super organised. As my baby grows and our needs changes I am confident that this Totesvvy will still manage to fit all the things we need. I even wish I’d had it before just for my own personal stuff.

Although it isn’t the cheapest bag insert out there, I do feel it is worth the investment. As I am in the UK I paid around £60 ($75) for the large version, £30 for delivery and I also had to pay about £25 for customs. So even though that really boosts up the price, I still think it is worth it and I’ll get so much use of it. All I can hope is that Totesavvy will start selling in the UK soon!

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