Baby Touch: Snuggle Book review

Today I read my first book with my baby, Eve who is 11 weeks old. Here is our review…

Baby Touch Snuggle Book review

About the book

Baby Touch is an award-winning range of books from Ladybird designed to stimulate baby’s developing senses. This Snuggle book is part of the series and a perfect first book for babies.

 Baby Touch Snuggle Book Review

The story

Not much plot here just a selection of cute animals, a character study if you will, it is up to you to add in the story with a little imagination.

Features and surprises

The snuggle book is made of soft cloth material with pages that make a lovely crunching sound. Some of the animals are made of different material for baby to touch from a woolly sheep tummy to a velvet dog ear.

I was really surprised to watch Eve raise out her arm and turn the pages over which I think is an excellent start to her reading journey and I can only assume it won’t be long till she will be reaching out for the collected works of Jane Austen.

As well as touch, Eve decided to take the sensory journey a step further and enjoyed the taste of many pages, especially the soft dog.


You can get hold of a copy here.

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