8 YouTube videos ideal for new mums

8 videos every new mum should watch

I find myself spending a lot of time YouTube during feeding my baby. From basic baby knowledge I completely forgot in those first few tired-induced weeks to trying to fit some exercise into my day, I discovered great videos that have helped me survive the first few months. Here I share my top finds to […]

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How to find time to read with a newborn

reading with a newborn

The first three months of life with my baby girl has been wonderful, magical as well as crazy. Time for myself is a very rare thing managing to make a cup of tea in the first few weeks seemed a huge achievement at the time, never mind managing to find time to eat, rest or […]

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What I’m reading this Christmas

Christmas Books

I love this time of year for reading. A long Christmas holiday means plenty of hours for reading some festive reads. Christmas stories really help get me in the festive spirit and so I thought I’d share three books I’m looking forward to reading this year. Snowdrift by Georgette Heyer This is a beautiful new collection […]

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Books I read in September

Books I read in September

September is the start of my favourite time of year…AUTUMN! Not only do I love the weather and all the celebrations autumn embodies but it means publishers are bringing out all of their big hitters in the run up to Christmas. So grab a hot chocolate and a cosy blanket and read about books I […]

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